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QAS Certified CWB Certified
structural support columns

Wesure Support Columns

Performance & Reliability!

A Recognized Leader

Wesure is the originator and the industry leader in adjustable, pre-engineered steel structural support column technology.

Our columns are manufactured to conform to the National Building Code parts 4 and 9 and are assembled in accordance with CSA Can 3 – S16.1. Our welding process is certified by CWB. The design of the columns is overseen and sealed by an independent consulting engineer and the columns undergo metallurgical engineering testing.

Wesure has created a family of structural support columns that feature a broad range of load bearing capabilities to ensure there is an ideal column for your application or design. Our columns offer performance, reliability and easy installation.

Pre-engineered steel structural support columns can be used for a wide variety of construction applications from residential to light commercial. The WS series even offers a saddle head option for situations where a hinge point or lateral loading are real concerns. Optional adaptor plates are also available for specific anchoring needs or unusual beam widths and bearing lengths.

Wesure produces the only pre-engineered steel structural support column that comes with a guarantee.