Why and When the Saddle Head...

Wesure Saddle Head Column

Good engineering practice dictates that 5% of vertical load be available as lateral load. Beyond 24,000 lbs. of vertical load this lateral support becomes questionable. A flathead fastened to the beam with lag bolts just won't handle the 5% lateral load. The saddle head will supply anti-hinging and resistance to the tear away stresses and provides anti-twisting and rotational stability to the beam. Saddles are good practice for butt-joint beams as well. Pre-engineered and designed for LVL, PSL, glulam, dimensional lumber, timber and steel beams. For applications such as second story, steel beams and other applications. Flat top heads are available.There are many fastening systems and methods. If you are unsure of the appropriate one, ask us – we can help!

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